Employment-Related Evaluations


Preemployment Evaluations for High Risk Professions

  • We will work with organizations to develop appropriate psychological screening measures to assess the psychological fitness of those who have received a conditional offer of employment. Relevant professions include law enforcement personnel, other public safety positions such as firefighters, and prospective members of the clergy. Relevant fees will be determined based on the extent of testing deemed necessary to meet the needs of relevant organizations. Additionally, we also like to perform research relevant to conducting these evaluations through collaboration with participating organizations.

Fitness for Duty Evaluations and Threat Assessment

  • We work with employers to provide evaluations regarding psychological factors that may impact an employee's capacity to perform their essential job functions and/or whether they may represent a direct threat to themselves or others in the workplace. We can also assist employers in determining what accommodations may be beneficial for relevant employees. Assessments and relevant activities are billed at the rate of $175 per hour.


Disability Evaluations

  • We conduct evaluations regarding an individual's disability status as it relates to their mental health functioning. These evaluations are conducted through collaboration with an individual's legal representation. Evaluation techniques vary based on the nature of the alleged disabilities and relevant referral questions. Standard evaluations include psychological testing and are performed for a flat fee of $350. If assessments require a formal assessment of cognitive, intellectual, or academic functioning, these evaluations are performed for a flat fee of $500.


Vocational Rehabilitation Evaluations

  • We perform evaluations to address considerations regarding an individual's capacity to return to the workforce. Relevant considerations may include cognitive, emotional, and behavioral factors as well as any recommendations for additional remediation, accommodations, or education. Fees are determined through collaboration with relevant referral sources to best meet their needs.